Jimmy Fall-in

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James is the bulldog of all bulldogs. Here, witness the grace beauty and slender of JBOT trying to taste the smell of a fire hydrant! Whoop whoop and those aren’t the sirens jimmy has touched lives, but never this delicately -enjoy!


Keep it PC…

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Two Teeny Brudders! Cosmo, named after Kramer and his partner in crime Pascal, the wonder dog! Pascal is a micro terrier and Cosmo, aside from being interstellar, is a Chihuahua mix… They love to romp wild and sleuth the streets. Size does matter, especially when talking cuteness! They might be teeny but they bring a […]


Just like that!

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Kashy Boi! Ham in swim trunks this guy is… Part Pitt & part banana… Kash is a great pooch, happy to the core, brimming with cuddle, and tenderer than steamed asparagus! He loves to go wild off leash, but not on our walks, rather with his mum… We have shared handfuls of priceless moments – […]


PPL at the PPM

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Pepper, Patches, & Lady! Lady & Patches shown right to left are twin miniature poodles with the love to last a lifetime! Pepper the salty dog to the left of the photo is a terrier mix that is going through puppy hood in leaps and bounds. As a team all three of these wonderpups make […]


Did someone say walk?

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Bud Bud! The JackPug! Part Jack Russel part Pug, all Buddy! Enjoyment is his pastime, and leisure is his hobby, Hark!, Did someone say walk? He on it! Happiest huff n puff for miles with this lumberjack… Buddy is our buddy but so much more, he is our friend & family. Such a tusky smile […]



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THE BULLDOG! Its Jimmy! He’s quick, he is punctual, he is slim, he is wonderful! Everything about this guy just screams – “MORE PLEASE!” {in terms of Beggin’ Snacks} But it isn’t always about James. Sometimes I find myself noticing that I have more pictures of James here, than of my own dog. Not to […]


JKB {Jack, Katie, & Bogey}

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Border Collies Abound! Pictured left to right is Katie, Bogey then Jack. These three have the energy of a team of mustangs – and the intelligence of dolphins! Always on – Never off – their motto, “Turn Down for What?”… Black & White top to bottom and kisses for days. If Jack gets his chance […]


Dilylah – Snow Goon

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Prettiest peach in the patch! – And cunning too! This is our dog, the Akita & German Shepard mix – Dilylah. Friend to all, enemy to none, well except squirrels and skateboards – this snow goon is notorious for fun! She was born in Chicago, and has the White Sox to prove it! Brindle and […]


We’re done here…

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Beau – Tur-Beau – BeauJangles – Beaubini – Beaubasaur – the list goes on, but nothing says Beau better than a little siesta on the sidewalk, perferablly horizontal, & we are totes talking funny business here! Happiest little brindle French Bulldog on the block always up for a half cruise, more-or-less looking for action. Any […]